Advanced Clause Author Tutorial


In the first tutorial for Clause Authors, we learned the basics of clause grammar and structure. We will be adding some more advanced intelligence to our clauses, adding to the employment agreement you created previously.

Logging in

As is the case for each tutorial, you need to login to a special environment for tutorials and testing: This environment is completely separated from the environment where you store your “real content” (such as or, so as to allow full experimentation without repercussions.

About this tutorial

In this tutorial, we will be going through the following aspects of ClauseBase clause grammar:

  • lists, enumerations and bullets
  • cross-references
  • advanced conditions
  • tables

We will be building on what we learned in the first Clause Author tutorial as well as using the document & clauses that were created during that first tutorial so be sure you finished that one before starting this one.

If you’re ready, click “Next” below to get started with Part 1!