Document and binder properties

This is a clause author feature. If you are not a clause author, you may feel free to ignore the following.

You may choose to enable or disable documents based on certain conditions, much as you would enable or disable individual clauses within a document. To do so, go to the “binder” tab of the operations panel. Scroll down to “advanced” and click , then select the document you wish to adjust the properties of. This will then prompt a menu that is virtually identical to the menu that is shown when editing clauses. In this menu, you can create conditions that cause a document to be enabled or disabled as you see fit.  

You can also adjust the properties of the entire binder by clicking and then selecting "binder". While enabling and disabling the binder based on certain conditions may not be useful, there are plenty of other properties that may be worth adjusting for a specific binder. For example, you may want to provide a description, add certain attributes or provide certain legal comments to your users.

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