Binder tab in the operations toolbar

Instead of the “document” button in the operations toolbar, binders will replace this with a “binder” button, which looks like this when opening a new, empty binder:

In this menu, you can insert new or existing documents, rearrange their order and provide them with short titles for easy referencing (e.g.: “Annex 1” or “Pricing Schedule”).

Uploading an existing document lets you choose a document from your library to insert into the binder. Inserting a new document occurs in exactly the same way as you would create a new document outside the context of a binder.

When you insert an existing document into a binder, you are essentially creating a copy of that document that communicates with the original document but does not communicate back to it. For example: if you switch the order of a few clauses in the original document, those changes will be reflected in the binder. If you do the same in the binder, those changes will not be reflected in the original document. For important adjustments to be made to the base document, it is therefore recommended to do this outside the context of the binder.

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