5. Other clauses to add

We will now add the other clauses.

For all of them:

  • ensure that you are still in the clauses subfolder
  • click on the  button, and choose clause
  • hit the  button when you are ready filling the contents
  • resolve any ambiguous references (highlighted in red) to concepts by using the reference under your own account

Employee function

File name: “function of the employee” in English, “fonction de l’employé” in French

In content title, add a title “Function” in English, “Fonction” in French.

In content body, add the following English & French content:

1. #Employee is engaged in service by #employer in the capacity of #position^function.
1. #Employé est <engagé: employé> par #employeur en qualité de #position^fonction.

In French, you will need to indicate under "problems" that “engagé” is used as a verb, instead of an adjective or noun.

Duration of the contract


File name: fixed duration of contract” in English, “durée fixe du contrat” in French

Content title: “Duration of #contract” in English, “Durée de #contrat” in French.

Content body:

1. #Contract is concluded for a specific duration of #contract^duration, starting on #contract^commencement-date and ending on {#contract^commencement-date + #contract^duration - 1 day}.
1. #Contrat est <conclu: contrat> pour une durée déterminée de #contrat^durée, prenant cours le #contrat^date-commencement et se termine le {#contrat^date-commencement + #contrat^durée- 1 day}.

Notice the special formula that is used between curly braces { }. It essentially says to take the commencement date, add the duration, and subtract a single day. If you would be wondering why the single day is subtracted: it ensures that the clause will, for example, read “starting on 1st August 2018 and ending on 31st July 2019” for a duration of one year, instead of ending on 1st August 2019.


File name: undefined duration” in English, “durée indéterminée” in French

Content title: “Duration of #contract” in English, “Durée de #contrat” in French.

Content body:

1. #Contract enters into effect on #contract^commencement-date, and is concluded for an indefinite duration.
1. <#Contrat> est <conclu> pour une durée indéterminée, prenant cours le #contrat^date-commencement.


File name: salary” in English, “salaire” in French

Content title: “#Salary” in English, “#Salaire” in French.

Content body:

1. The gross monthly salary is fixed at #salary^monthly-amount. 

2. The salary is paid each month by deposit into #employee's bank account, minus social security contributions and other withholdings emanating from any legal provision.
1. Le salaire de base brut mensuel est fixé à #salaire^montant-mensuel EUR. 

2. Le salaire sera payé chaque mois par virement sur le compte bancaire de #employé, à réduire des cotisations de sécurité sociale, ainsi que de tout autre prélèvement découlant d'une disposition légale applicable.

Location & date

File name: “location & date of signature” in English, “lieu & date de signature” in French

Content title: “Signature” in both English and French.

Content body:

1. Done at #signature^location, on #signature^date, in two originals, each party acknowledging receipt of one copy.
1. Fait à #signature^lieu, le #signature^date, en deux originaux, dont chacune des parties reconnaît en avoir reçu un.

Employer signature

File name: “employer signature” in English, “signature de l’employeur” in French

No content title (it is highly unusual for a signature clause to have a title).

Content body:

1. #employer: #employer^representative-name
1. #employeur: #employeur^représentant-nom

Employee signature

File name: “employee signature” in English, “signature de l’employé” in French

No content title.

Content body:

1. #employee
1. #employé

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