File types


Contracts, policies, amendments, annexes, etc. that consist of a collection of different clauses. Documents can be exported to PDF or MS Word (.docx) files. For more information, see: documents.


Collections of documents that together make up an entire transaction(e.g., a main contract with a pricing annex and several technical annexes). For more information, see: binders.


Folders – collections of other files. For more information, see: folders.


Clauses consist of paragraphs and subparagraphs of text, optionally preceded by a title. Clauses can be as short as a few words, but can also span several pages, although typically they will consist of one to four paragraphs. For more information, see clauses.


Central actors for the automation of a document. Concepts are the legal terms that are defined inside a definition list and allow users to dynamically change clauses and reuse them through different contracts. For more information, see: concepts.


Text files that qualify as the definition of a certain concept.


Shortcuts to other files or folders in the file system


Logos, graphics, and other images. For more information, see: images.

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