Basic clause author tutorial

Getting started

Welcome to this tutorial series of ClauseBase!

We are pleased to welcome you on the journey to becoming a clause author! In the following tutorial, we will be taking a practical look at automating the clauses of a basic consultancy agreement.  

The end-result for this exercise will net us the following three resources: 

  • A collection of intelligent, reusable clauses
  • A flexible template
  • A questionnaire to easily generate documents based on the template 

Make sure to actually complete the steps set out in these videos!

Further tutorials and exercises will require you to augment the material created in this tutorial. If you have not created the material yourself, you cannot progress to other tutorials.

To get started, here’s what you’ll need:

This is a crucial one-page cheat sheet that contains a summary of all the special symbols used to draft intelligent clauses. Keep it handy at all times!

This is the document automated in the tutorial series. Use it to build your own automated version.