ClauseBase Campus – Exercises

Module 2: Basic Q&A exercises

Only make the following exercises if you've completed the Basic Clause Author Tutorial. 

2.1. Helping your users out

Help your users make the right choices as they fill out the Q&A by adding 5 helpful tips to the following questions you have already created in the “Consultancy Agreement Q&A”. 

Create the following predefined values for the question “Agreement – Duration” to suggest “best practices” to your user.

  • 2 years
  • 1 year
  • 6 months

Read here how you can create predefines for questions:

Create a memo for the question “Jurisdiction” under the card “Agreement” with the following text:

Do note that certain jurisdictions may apply uncircumventable (“mandatory”) rules that invalidate such an exclusion. Furthermore, your jurisdiction’s laws may be mature enough to remove the need to explicitly state this to avoid situations of renvoi and other issues that may enforce a different applicable law then what was intended.”

Create Help Text to the question “Hours dedicated per month” under the card “Services”:

The dedicated hours per month typically do not exceed 150.

Provide the following Answer Hint to the question “List” under the card “Services”:

Advisory services, financial services, marketing services,…

Read here how you can add an answer hint:

Provide the following comment below the question “Jurisdiction” in the card “Agreement”

“The competent court is automatically selected based on the applicable law chosen above”.

Read here how you can add a comment or warning: