ClauseBase Campus – Exercises

Module 5: Q&A Intermediate

Only make the following exercises if you've completed the Intermediate Clause Author Tutorial. 

5.1. Using flexible terminology in Q&A mode

Watch the video to learn how you can change a term within the Q&A environment:

Create a change set for the term “Company” in the “Consultancy Agreement Q&A”. The term can optionally be changed to the company name “Wernham Hogg” (and only that term, so make sure to turn off the “free answers” option for this question).

Refresh your memory and read our help article about change sets:

5.2. Conditional warning in Q&A mode

Go to the “Consultancy Agreement. Q&A”. The minimum monthly renumeration under “Plan C” of the fees is 3.000 euro. You want to give the end user a warning if an amount lower than 3.000 euro is filled out.


This monthly renumeration is too low. The minimum renumeration is 3.000 euro/month.

You can find more information on warnings in Q&A here: