Expert Clause Author Tutorial


A repeating list type datafield is some of the most powerful technology included in ClauseBase. They enable the use of some very advanced automation techniques such as dynamic tables and automatically repeating clauses (or documents).

Repeating list datafields are similar to list of texts type datafields in that both types of datafield can hold more than one value. But they are much more versatile and powerful. Repeating list datafields operate somewhat like chameleons: they can also hold lists of each other type of datafield. How this works can be seen when creating a new repeating list datafield:

In this tutorial, we will be creating some clauses implementing various examples of how repeating list clauses can be used.

Logging in

As is the case for each of these tutorials, you need to login to a special environment for tutorials and testing: This environment is completely separated from the environment where you store your “real content” (such as or, so as to allow full experimentation without repercussions.

Repeating list datafields can be used in all ways standard lists can be used, for example by using them in a clause as an enumeration (e.g. using the @bullets or @enumerate special function). We will not be going over those uses in this tutorial.