Groups are typically used to separate users with different needs regarding documentation (typically departments or teams within your organisation). In addition, groups can be used to manage who can create, edit or use files within a group’s library through the access bundles feature.

Overview of all groups

Similar to the users page, the groups page contains an overview of all existing groups.

The  icon indicates whether the group has its own library.

Adding a new group

By clicking the  button, a new group can be added. Just indicate the group name, whether it should have its own library and click “save”.

Managing memberships

Select an existing group and click the “members” tab:

Here you can add or remove members from the group by selecting the relevant user and clicking   or , or instead by double-clicking on a member.

Managing group default styles

Select an existing group and click the “stylings” tab:
Here you can add the relevant default styles for the group you selected by clicking the dropdown lists and selecting the style you want to define as the default style.

For a reminder of how default styles work, go to our article on the subject.

Get more information on the custom homepages.

Deleting a group

A group can be deleted by clicking the  icon next to it.

You should carefully consider the implications of deleting a group, in particular when the group has its own library. The library will be deleted, together with all its contents (documents, clauses, concepts, definitions, etc.) which may have an impact throughout your organisation’s use of ClauseBase.

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