How to: create predefined answers to a question

Follow these steps to add a predefined answer (or “predefines”) to a question in Design Q&A mode.

Go to the Edit menu

  • Open the Cards pane and select the question for which you want to add a predefined answer.
  • Click on ‘+ Predefines’ below the question as displayed here:
  • Enter the predefined value.
  • By clicking on the + icon you can add as many predefined answers as you want.

Note that the available predefine options depend on the type of question you have created (date, duration, text, etc).

The result is a predefined answer that will appear under the selected question in Q&A:

Settings for predefines

Once you have added a predefined value to a question you will notice a row of different icons on the right side of the value.

Add a label to the predefined value. For example:

Note that the label only changes how the predefine is presented to the end user. It doesn’t change the underlying value that the predefine aims to insert. This makes it ideal for when predefined answers need to create conditional logic.

Set the predefined value as default answer to the question. This will ensure that it is automatically filled out as soon as the document is opened.
This works in the same way as adding a condition to a question in Q&A and decides under what conditions a predefined answer is shown to the end user.
Provide an alternative for the predefined value upon a specified condition. This allows you to switch to this predefined answer under certain conditions.

You should be aware that, unlike regular conditions attached to questions, these “switch conditions” are only triggered in reaction to a change in the answer to a question that is used within the condition. So if the condition you attach refers to something static (e.g., a user tag), it will not get triggered.

Add help text or a memo to the predefined value.
Delete the predefined value.

By setting your predefined answers it will become easier for your end user to fill out the questionnaire. It allows you to create high quality Q&A’s.

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