Interactive Q&A inspection


With ClauseBase, you have almost limitless possibilities to configure interactions and clauses. In fact, you can easily go so far that you scratch your head wondering why a certain clause/card/question is currently having a certain behaviour.

Within Design Q&A, we therefore offer a possibility to inspect the current state of each condition of a card/question/predefined answer and change-set.


To start inspecting a Q&A, check the “Inspect” checkbox in the lower right corner. You will then see something similar to the following:

Each card, question, predefine and change-set will have a circle in front of it:

  • means that no condition is attached. (Except if this card/question has items beneath it, it will be hidden when Hide if no condition is checked in the upper right corner)
  • means that the attached condition is not currently satisifed
  • means that the attached condition is effectively satisfied, so the card/question/predefine will be shown and the changes within the change-set would be shown

A predefine can even show two circles next to each other, when it contains a switch condition that defines when the predefine will get selected

When you want to check why a certain condition is (not) met, you can click on the red or green circle. For example, the following question happens to have a red circle, because both of its conditions must be met, while in fact only the upper condition is met.

When you change an answer, you will see that the red/green lights will immediately change to reflect the (possibly updated) state of the document. This way, you really simulate what happens to your document.

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