How to: create advanced folders

Advanced users can also create concepts, snippets and definitions folders. These are folders designed to house these special kinds of files that are of less relevance to normal users.

How to: name your files

Some practical tips on how to name files.

How to: create and manage shortcuts to folders or files

It is handy to have your most used folders or files as favourites – this allows you to access them more swiftly! Creating a favourite In order to add a folder or file as a favourite, do the following: Go to Browse FilesSelect the file you intend to add as a favourite and find the button o...

How to: add predefines to a datafield

Predefines are predefined values for particular datafields. They are added by navigating to a concept and then to the relevant datafield. Selecting allows you to add predefines values. There are two options which should be highlighted: Ticking the box at the bottom prevents the user from...