Visibility settings & actions menu

When in Assemble Document mode, the top right corner of the document toolbar contains a symbol. Clicking this symbol triggers the "visibility settings & actions menu". Below is a summary of what each of these settings or actions does. Actions Browse to selected clause If a clause is s...

Operations panel

The right part of the Assemble Document mode contains the operations panel, enabling you to further customise your document and clauses.

File pane

The file pane allows you to save (a copy of) a document.

Edit pane in the operations panel

The edit pane allows you to edit the contents of certain files, such as a concept or a clause.

Document pane

In the document pane, you can edit/add a document title, configure the table of contents, edit document properties (such as conditions) and configure concept mapping throughout the document.

Binder pane in the operations panel

When editing a binder, a "binder" pane will be available in the operations toolbar, enabling you to add or remove subdocuments, edit binder properties,...

Search pane

The search pane enables you to look for the clause that is perfect for your situation, with search filters and criteria that can be saved for later re-use.

Browse pane

The browse pane enables you to easily browse through your clause library in the Assemble Document mode.

Terms pane

The terms page contains an overview of all terms used in the document, enabling you to change the terms or choose/add definitions as necessary.

Data dashboard

The data dashboard offers an overview of all datafields in a document/clause and lets you interact with them.

Advanced pane

In the advanced pane, you can configure custom styling, whether a clause should be repeated and concept mapping.

Styling pane

A document can have custom styling that deviates from the default styling settings, which is configured in the styling pane.

Miscellaneous pane

The mirror pane provides a handy overview of (the structure of) your document.