On the account page, you can configure the following settings: your first and last name (used among others to log in to ClauseBase);the email address connected to your account; andyour password, which can be generated randomly by clicking the button. Leave blank to ensure the password does not ...


Article on the preferences page and how ClauseBase treats your language preferences.

Access bundles

An overview of the access bundles page and how to create and manage access bundles.


The favourites page of the user settings serves to delete existing favourites added to the left menu in any pane for browsing files.

Saved searches

An overview of the saved searches page of the settings.

Saved datafields

Overview of the saved datafields page (to manage saved sets of datafield values).


Discusses how to manage saved styles (i.e., collections of styling elements saved under a single name, for better reuse).

Default styles

On this page, you can choose which styles (configured on the styles page) should be applied by default when creating documents. An example of the default styles page When you have defined at least one style for a category on the styles page, a dropdown menu will be visible on the def...