Software updates — April 2020

Updated core functions

  • When creating anonymous links, you can now include an optional identifier that allows you to differentiate between anonymous links to the same document. For example, if you are a legal counsel who allows internal business users to create non-disclosure agreements, you can now create multiple hyperlinks to the same Q&A, with the only difference being an identifier that specifies the department (e.g., “accounting”, “sales”, etc.).

    Afterwards you can see these identifiers in the reporting, which can be useful for internal cost accounting or similar analyses.
  • In the screeenshot above, you can also see (top right button) that the usage reports can be exported to an Excel-file.
  • When completing a Q&A, you now include comments when returning a file to the sender, as illustrated in this short movie. More generally, Documents, Binders, folders, Q&As and Q&A answers can now include an optional file comment.