Software updates — February 2020

Major new functions

  • New settings in the page styling allow you to upload PDF-files, which — upon export of a document — can be put before or after the main document.  As is always the case with this page styling, there is a possibility to change the setting per language and/or dynamically select the file through Q&A changes.  This is ideal to, for example: 
    • include a front page containing logos, pictures etc. prepared by your design department
    • include annexes (such as policies, product descriptions, etc.) that should never change, if necessary in different languages.
  • In addition, also through new page styling settings, you can now indicate that certain PDF-files should be used as the background of the main file. You can even differentiate between elements that need to be put on all pages, only on the first page, only on the last page, and/or on all pages in between the first and last page. This allows you to, for example: 
    • insert a watermak “DRAFT” on every page
    • insert graphical elements prepared by your design department in the header and/or footer
  • There is a new option “show previews” at the bottom of the popup-list of alternative clauses (shown when clicking on the alternatives button or an action button). It will show all those clauses with a full preview at the right side of the screen.
  • Fonts are now always displayed with at least size 10 pt. (This avoids having to work with almost unreadably small text, as is often the case for “legal fine print” documents.)

    Note: this also means you will not see any difference on your screen between text at 8pt and text at 10pt. You will, however, see the difference in your .DOCX/PDF output.

Core enhancements

  • It is now possible to specify when a certain level of numbering should be reset to 1. (If not explicitly specified, headings will reset to 1 when the level immediately above it changes.) Such continuous numbering will, for example, allow you to specify a first level “Chapter”, and below it an “Article” heading, whereby this second level will continue to increase, even under new Chapters.
  • It is now also possible to specify in the advanced pane of Assemble Document that, even though the numbering of the body & bullets of a certain clause should be removed, the numbering of the titles should remain.
  • The reporting mode is refined, and now allows you to differentiate between “hide this clause and all its descendant clauses” and “hide only this clause, but show its descendant clauses”.
  • Shortcut Ctrl-u cycles between the last five sections of ClauseBase (e.g., Import Clauses — Browse files — Design Q&A — Preferences — Use Q&A)

Special functions