Software updates — January 2021

Major new features

  • ClauseBase now has a special smartphone mode. By simply loading a Q&A on a smartphone (or reading a QR-code created by ClauseBase for you when publishing a link), you will get a mobile-optimised view.

    It is also possible to publish a special app to the Apple/Google app stores, in order to allow your target audience to complete one or more Q&As, including customised branding, dedicated welcome pages, and more. Please contact us if you would be interested in this type of innovation!
  • In the Q&A, you can now easily specify that a question must be completed before subsequent questions are shown.

    Such functionality has obviously been present since the very first versions of the platform, through regular conditions attached to a question. However, this new setting reverses the workflow: instead of specifying (through a condition) that question B should be hidden when question A is not yet answered, you specify in question A that all subsequent questions should be hidden when A is not answered.
  • Anonymous Q&A users can now optionally be allowed to save answers.

    When enabled, this option will show a “save” button in the Q&A’s toolbar. By pressing this button, users will create a temporary URL (e.g., that will allow them to access the same Q&A at a later moment.

    Obviously, this is not the same as creating a dedicated user account for someone, where an unlimited number of answers can be stored and organized. But this new feature does help in certain workflows.
  • Users can now copy/paste data between Q&As and the Data Dashboard of Assemble Document, in any direction, and even between very different Q&As (although some caveats apply).

    Users have the option to either copy the entire Data Dashboard / entire answer set, or instead data from a single concept, card or card category. Similarly, they can paste across the entire Data Dashboard / entire answer set, or just a single concept’s datafields or a single card’s answers.


  • When integrating a question with a service-instance, you can now specify that the value chosen by the end-user should only end up in that particular question’s answer (instead of being potentially distributed across several other answers). This can be achieved through the predef^ prefix.
  • Through a question’s options, you can now specify that the question should be shown in compact mode. This causes the question’s title and answer to be visible shown on the same row.
Regular mode (left) versus the new compact mode (right)
  • A new :on-apply-service-instance custom function can be added to specify custom code that should be executed when a user chooses a value from a service-integration popup list.
  • The :on-add-row-fn custom function can be used to specify custom code that should be executed when the user inserts a new row in a table-based answer.
  • Headers and footers can now have a watermark image, i.e. an image that is displayed below the regular text of the page. This is particularly useful for inserting a company’s branding (e.g., a law firm’s list of lawyers’ names or locations) in the background of a page.

New special functions

  • @lsub, @rsub and @sub allow you to retrieve a certain number of characters from the (left or right) side of a text parameter.
  • The @weekday function allows you to convert a certain date into a weekday (e.g., 23rd January 2021 into “Saturday” in English or “Samedi” in French).
  • For English documents, the @a-or-an function inserts either the article “a” or “an”, depending on the specified word in its parameter. This can be interesting in situations where you need to insert either “a” or “an” (e.g., “a boat” versus “an elephant”), but you do not know in advance which it should be, as this depends on the end-user’s answer.
  • For Lithuanian, the @acc function forces its parameter to use the accusative case.