Software updates — June 2022

Major updates

  • A batch export option has been added to the Q&A mode.
  • ClauseBuddy is now also available as an Outlook plugin and as a separate browser-version.
  • Custom style schemes can be imposed in ClauseBuddy


  • All the “raw” titles & bodies of clauses used in a document can now be exported to MS Word, in multiple languages. This can help the review of translations.
  • Similarly, all the cards, questions and predefined answers can now be exported to MS Word, in multiple languages. This can help reviewing translations.
  • Allow Shift-clicking to directly insert a clause into an MS Word document (avoiding the clause-configuring pane).
  • Q&A answers can now be stored in an encrypted manner
  • Non-admin users can now be given the right to manage attribute models.
  • Advanced users can now bulk-delete clauses, concepts and datafields that are not used anywhere.
  • ClauseBuddy can now export the entire database of clauses as a Word-file.
  • The ClauseBuddy editors can now be set to fullscreen.
  • ClauseBase and ClauseBuddy can now also work over simple Ajax, when the advanced WebSockets feature for server-to-browser communication is unavailable (e.g., in companies with very strict firewalls).
  • When choosing alternatives in Assemble Document, the version labels are immediately shown.
  • Hyperlinks can now be used in ClauseBuddy.
  • Custom cell padding and table indentation options can now be set.
  • Subdocuments can now be directly saved as independent documents.

New special functions

  • @seq (and % margin % and % seq %) can now be used for inserting consecutive numbering in templates
  • @row-index (only within Q&A conditions) to get the current row index