Q&A Design Tutorial

Introduction to Q&A Mode

Logging in

As is the case for each tutorial, you need to login to a special environment for tutorials and testing: https://sandbox.clausebase.com. This environment is completely separated from the environment (such as https://app.clausebase.com or https://nl.clausebase.com) where you store your “real content”, so as to allow full experimentation without repercussions.

The special tutorials & testing environment has its own login credentials. Please contact your administrator, or ClauseBase itself, if you have not received these credentials.

About this tutorial

The creation of some contracts, typically those of high volume and a relatively low need for alteration, can be outsourced very efficiently to business users or other users who may not have a great deal of experience with the type of contract in question or simply need a first draft.

For those contracts, ClauseBase features a second way of contract creation: the Q&A mode.To create a questionnaire in ClauseBase’s Q&A mode, you must first have created a document in Assemble Document mode. This tutorial presupposes that you have completed the tutorial on document assembly mode and relies on the contract you created in that mode. If you have not completed the tutorial for document assembly mode, please do so first.

If you have finished creating a tutorial non-disclosure agreement in document assembly mode, click the link below to advance to the next page.