Basic Clause Author Tutorial


Logging in

As is the case for each tutorial, you need to login to a special environment for tutorials and testing: This environment is completely separated from the environment where you store your “real content” (such as or, so as to allow full experimentation without repercussions.

About this tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of ClauseBase.

We will create a short employment agreement in English and French with alternative clauses. In doing so you will get acquainted with a wide range of functions.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will only be looking at the basics of some of the features and functionalities of Clausebase so that you can focus on mastering those.

This tutorial takes a deliberately “manual” approach, by asking you to manually create files and type in clauses. ClauseBase actually contains various features (like semi-automatic upload of MS Word files) that removes most of this manual work, such as copying and pasting text. However, for educational purposes, we notice that it is necessary to go through these manual steps first so as to get a solid foundation.

If you’re ready, click “Next” below to start drafting!