What is the difference between reload contents and recalculate contents?

  • Reload contents   (available in the visibility and actions menu in Assemble Document mode) re-fetches the entire document, and all its clauses, from the server, and then recalculates the entire document. This is roughly similar to closing the document and re-opening it again. This should only be used on rare occasions, e.g. when you know that a colleague has changed a clause in his/her own browser, and you want to fetch those changes.
  • Recalculate contents  (Ctrl-Shift-E, available in the document toolbar in Assemble Document mode) does not load any contents from the server, and merely recalculates the already-available content. This may sometimes become necessary when some updates are not immediately reflected, although generally this is not needed. Please contact us when you notice that you repeatedly need to press this button in order to reflect certain changes, because using this option should be fairly exceptional.