About cards

An introduction to cards and questions in the Q&A mode.

About “changes”

Overview of what "changes" are in a questionnaire, and how they can be managed.

Types of changes

An introduction to the types of "changes" that can be created and triggered in a questionnaire. E.g. inserting/disabling clauses, choosing alternative clause, changing styling, etc.

Adding conditions to cards, questions and change sets

Discusses how you can attach conditions to cards, questions, predefined options and change-sets. This allows you to interactively define how your questionnaire should react to your users' actions.

Question options

When you select a question and click on the button in the toolbar, you will see a popup with the most common options for the question. The Options are subdivided in several different subcategories: General, Layout, Help, Interaction and Integration. General section Datafield One of th...

How to: allow users to select legal entities & addresses

If you have an Enterprise or Office account, you can allow your users to select a legal entity from a database of legal entities and/or to select an address from the Google Maps database. Introduction Legal entities database ClauseBase provides access to the contents of most national entit...

Copying & pasting answers

Through the various menus (in the upper-right corner and each card of a Q&A), users can copy & paste answers. This is a very useful feature that is usually trivial to use. Nevertheless, there are some caveats to watch out for. Location matters Which menu is used, has a huge impa...

Comments, notes & documentation

ClauseBase provides many different ways to provide assistance towards the end-user, both in a Q&A and in the Assemble Document mode. Every clause, card, question and predefined answer can have an associated short comment. Such short comment will be displayed in a popup-balloon. Every clause ...

Interactive Q&A inspection

Rationale With ClauseBase, you have almost limitless possibilities to configure interactions and clauses. In fact, you can easily go so far that you scratch your head wondering why a certain clause/card/question is currently having a certain behaviour. Within Design Q&A, we therefore off...

Embedding questions into a document

Rationale ClauseBase's standard approach is to show all questions at the left side, so that — except for the changes Allow user to choose alternative clause and Allow user to disable clause, which show icons to directly delete or replace specific clauses — end-users can rest confident that they ...