About cards

An introduction to cards and questions in the Q&A mode.

About “changes”

Overview of what "changes" are in a questionnaire, and how they can be managed.

Types of changes

An introduction to the types of "changes" that can be created and triggered in a questionnaire. E.g. inserting/disabling clauses, choosing alternative clause, changing styling, etc.

Adding conditions to cards, questions and change sets

Discusses how you can attach conditions to cards, questions, predefined options and change-sets. This allows you to interactively define how your questionnaire should react to your users' actions.

Question options

When you select a question and click on the button in the toolbar, you will see a popup with the most common options for the question. Datafield One of the most central options is the datafield that is assigned to the question. Which datafields are shown in the dropdown list, depend...

How to: allow users to select legal entities & addresses

If you have an Enterprise or Office account, you can allow your users to select a legal entity from a database of legal entities and/or to select an address from the Google Maps database. Introduction Legal entities database ClauseBase provides access to the contents of most national entit...

Copying & pasting answers

Through the various menus (in the upper-right corner and each card of a Q&A), users can copy & paste answers. This is a very useful feature that is usually trivial to use. Nevertheless, there are some caveats to watch out for. Location matters Which menu is used, has a huge impa...

Comments, notes & documentation

ClauseBase provides many different ways to provide assistance towards the end-user, both in a Q&A and in the Assemble Document mode. Every clause, card, question and predefined answer can have an associated short comment. Such short comment will be displayed in a popup-balloon. Every clause ...