Software updates — March 2023

Major new functionality

  • Add extensive logging across the entire code base (to prepare for ISO 27001 certification and allow customers to get extensive reporting)
  • Allow Scroll Hunt documents to be uploaded by email


  • Change the way the Q&A categories are minimised: always minimise as from 5
  • Security: Reduce ClauseBuddy cookie expiration to 2 months
  • Security: Remove tokens upon logout from ClauseBuddy
  • Allow to define comments’ author through Q&A export options

New special functions

  • @bookmark-pagelink for insert a page number that refers to a bookmark created with @bookmark
  • @in-pdf and @in-docx to allow conditions to check whether the document is being export to PDF or DOCX instead
  • @terms-toc, for inserting a TOC for defined terms