This page contains a number of tutorials designed to familiarise you with ClauseBase, step by step. The basic tutorials will introduce you to three important ClauseBase aspects: using the Assemble Document mode, creating new intelligent clauses and finally designing a Q&A template. When you have finished each of the basic tutorials and have had some practical experience with the ClauseBase platform, you can jump into the more advanced tutorials. These are of a more topical nature, combining many ClauseBase aspects to shed light on one specific practical example of automated drafting.

The tutorials can be viewed inside the ClauseBase Sandbox environment as well. After logging in to the ClauseBase Sandbox, press the “help” button in the top right corner of your screen, and press “tutorials”. This will open up a separate frame inside the ClauseBase Sandbox, enabling you to view the tutorials inside the ClauseBase environment.

Basic tutorials

Document Assembly Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to create contracts by stacking together clauses that were pre-built by other users (e.g., colleagues).

Basic Clause Author Tutorial

This tutorial teaches how to draft clauses in ClauseBase, and how those clauses can be stacked together into entire contracts.

While this is a tutorial for users without any experience in ClauseBase, please note that drafting clauses is typically reserved for a few legal experts in a law firm or legal department. Most users will not create new clauses, but instead compose contracts by stacking together clauses that were pre-built by colleagues.

Q&A Design Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to create questionnaires (Q&As), which allow business users — and other users who may not have a great deal of experience with the type of contract in question — to draft a contract by answering some questions.

This tutorial presupposes that you have completed the tutorial on document assembly mode and relies on the contract you created in that mode.

If you have finished both the Basic Clause Author Tutorial and the Q&A Design Tutorial and you are still hungry for more: more advanced tutorials are available here!