Action buttons

Action buttons are a good way of making a clause more user friendly in documents. They can have three functions:

  • execute a saved search
  • browse a folder of your choosing
  • present preselected clauses

This way, when the clause with the action button was included in a document, the action button gives the user a shortcut to add further relevant (sub)clauses to the document.

Adding an action button to a clause

Start editing a clause (either in the Browse Files mode or in Assemble Document). In the navigation menu on the right, go to .

Click .

  • button caption — Create a caption for the button (i.e. the text that will be visible on the button), optionally in multiple languages.
  • button position — Where the button should be positioned relative to this clause’s subclauses.
  • hide button when — The button can optionally be hidden when at least one subclause exists.
  • action — Choose one of the three options described above.

Tips for using action buttons

  • Action buttons are especially suited for use when a clause can have several optional subclauses.
  • When there is a high number of optional subclauses, it is preferable to use the option to browse to a folder. The contents of that folder can be easily managed (by removing or adding clauses to it) as well.
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