Stashing intermediate results

Depending on the amount of “cleanup” you perform, importing a long document may take quite some time.

To avoid that you would lose your work due to unexpected events (electricity or network failure, computer or browser crashes, etc.), you can temporarily save your work using the stashing functionality.

When pressing the button the current state of your import session is saved into your browser. At any point in time, you can then press the button and choose any of the previously stored stashes to reinstate that session. (By Shift-clicking on a previously stored stash, you will delete the stash.)

Please be aware of a few caveats:

  • The stashes are saved in your browser, not in a database on the central ClauseBase server. This means that if you use another browser to login, you will not see any of those sessions in the other browser. Similarly, if you would uninstall your browser from your operating system, or your entire computer would crash, you will also lose access to those stashes.
  • The storage available in your browser is not unlimited. While you will not easily hit the storage limit, please be aware that there is a practical limit of about 20 stashes in total, depending on the imported document’s length and your browser brand.
  • The stashes save the exact state of your import session. Upon reopening them, this exact state will be reinstated. If in the meantime concepts were changed (or, worse, deleted) by your or your colleagues, then you may hit problems upon export. In other words, treat the stashing functionality mostly as a way to save temporary results and optionally go back to a recent time in the past.

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