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Cards and/or questions (and even predefined options within a cquestion) can be made conditional so that they are only shown in the Q&A form if the condition is fulfilled.

Similarly, change sets can also be made conditional, so that they will only be applied when the specified conditions are met.

Enabling conditions

Select the card, question or change set that you want to apply the condition to and click the   button. (If you want to apply a condition to a predefined option within a question, click at the right side of the predefined option.) Now the conditions frame will be visible.

Choose here whether all of the listed conditions have to be met (conditions shown in yellow), whether it suffices that any of them are met for the card/question to be visible (conditions shown in green), or whether none of them may be met for the card/question to be shown (conditions shown in gray).

Simple conditions or groups

You can add one or more “simple” conditions, add groups of conditions (which are evaluated together) or make a combination of both. 

An (additional) simple condition is created by clicking , while a group is created by clicking .

It is important to note that subgroups of conditions are evaluated together. A choice will again need to be made whether the conditions in the subgroup should all be met, whether any of them should be met or whether none of them may be met.

Configuring a condition

A condition can be tied to several elements:

  • the answer to a question
  • whether another question is visible (i.e. the conditions for that question are fulfilled)
  • whether another card is visible (i.e. the conditions for that card are fulfilled)
  • the output language (language of the document being made)
  • the interface language (language of the Q&A form, depending on user preference)
  • user tags (assigned by the customer’s administrator)

Answer to question

Makes the card/question conditional upon the answer of a question. There are several types of ways a condition can be evaluated, depending on the type of question that it will be tied to.

For example, a condition tied to a “date” type question can be evaluated to be equal to, before, before or at, later than,  later than or at another date. A condition tied to “text” type question can be evaluated to be equal to, not equal to, containing a certain text fragment or not containing a certain text fragment.

For all types of questions a condition can be tied to whether an answer was specified or not specified.

Copying and pasting condition (sets)

When you hover your mouse over the set of conditions for a card/question or over an individual condition, the copy button   will become visible.

Having clicked the copy button, the paste button  will become visible as well. Clicking it will paste the (set of) condition(s) that you copied in the location that you indicated.

Deleting conditions

A (set of) condition(s) can be deleted easily by clicking the garbage can  icon next to the condition you want to be deleted.

Disabling all conditions

If a card/question should be shown unconditionally (i.e. in all cases), or if you want a change set to always be applied, then you can simply uncheck the checkmark here:This will remove all conditions and make sure the selected card/question will always be shown (or, in the case of change sets, that the changes within the set will always be applied).

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