How files are organised in ClauseBase

Essentially there are three different types of private storage locations:

  • the company’s central library ❸, accessible to any company user
  • one of the company’s  departments or groups, e.g. the HR department ❶ or the legal department ❷, only accessible to users who are a member of such group
  • a user’s own private documents area ❹ or private library ❺

The difference between a person’s documents folder ❹ and private library folder ❺ can be compared to a person’s private office room and private library room. The office room is the working area (where documents are being actively edited, deleted and shuffled around), while the private library room is dedicated to items that are not edited, and instead stored over a long period of time.

Typically, you will store documents and clauses in your private documents folder first, and only move them to your private library folder once they are ready. Perhaps the documents and clauses will even move to your department’s or company’s library folder, if their application scope is sufficiently wide.

Finally, note that it is also possible to share files with users of other companies (e.g., for a law firm, some of its clients). This is an advanced feature: if you are interested in this, please contact your ClauseBase representative.

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