Introduction to importing clauses

ClauseBase provides facilities for the semi-automatic upload and dissection of existing text documents. While this facility will not “automagically” insert complex legal logic, it does allow you to skip tedious copy-paste operations.

User interface overview

You start the upload process by clicking on  in the top menu bar. (Only advanced users will see this button.)

  1. Multiple upload environments can be simultaneously opened. Click this button to create a new upload environment.
  2. Switch between opened upload environments by clicking on the relevant tab.
  3. You can simultaneously show one, two or three editor panes. Each pane can host a different editor, which can be changed through the blue button in the upper left corner of each pane. (Note that you can even show the same editor in multiple panes, which can allow you to avoid excessive scrolling in a long list.)
  4. General undo/redo buttons per environment
  5. First editor pane
  6. Second editor pane (if at least two panes are made visible)
  7. Third editor pane (if three panes are made visible)

General workflow overview

The general workflow for uploading documents is as follows:

  1. Upload an existing document from your hard drive or server.
  2. Review the proposed structure of the clauses.
  3. Review and apply defined terms.
  4. Insert datafields.
  5. Review cross-references between clauses.
  6. Assign clauses to folders.
  7. Convert the clauses to ClauseBase grammar.
  8. Export the clauses to a chosen location.
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Uploading clauses