How to: add predefines to a datafield

Predefines are predefined values for particular datafields. They are added by navigating to a concept and then to the relevant datafield. Selecting allows you to add predefines values.

There are two options which should be highlighted:

  • Ticking the box at the bottom prevents the user from entering free values.
  • You can also add labels for the predefines, which can be used to provide a less ‘technical’ version of the predefine to the user (see also Using codes instead of text fragments).

The label will be shown when presenting the predefines to the user in the Assemble Document mode.

When creating a question for this datafield in Design Q&A mode, these labels will also be automatically added as labels to the predefines in the question if:

  • the question is created using the batch create panel; or
  • when you click the add datafield’s predefines button after adding the question manually.

Please also check out our article on Using codes instead of text fragments, providing some essential tips on the use of predefines.

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