On the defaults page, you can set several default values:

Default styles

You can select any styles created on the styles page to be used as the default style throughout your organisation (i.e. for all users, groups and documents). (For a reminder on how ClauseBase applies styles on multiple levels, please consult this article on styling.)

Q&A card colors

(If allowed by your subscription plan) You can set the default colors of Q&A cards, for mutiple levels of cards (i.e. card that are indented).

Custom home page

Instead of the standard welcome page, you can define a custom home page for all your users (except for users or group members for whom a deviating custom home page was selected). Check Custom homepage for more information about this subject.

Custom CSS

(If allowed by your subscription plan) you can define custom “CSS” (Cascading Style Sheets) to completely restyle the way ClauseBase looks. How this actually works, is beyond the scope of this help-page — but don’t be afraid, CSS is a standard web technology since many years, and there are hundreds of books available on this subject.

Be aware that we do not guarantee that the CSS will remain unchanged throughout different releases of ClauseBase. When you define Custom CSS, you should therefore be prepared to occasionaly update the CSS to cope with small changes in the ClauseBase user interface.

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