File position

“Position” is one of the properties of clause files. It can be used to suggest the appropriate positioning of a clause to users of the clause.

An example of good use of preferred positioning of a clause is a clause containing a signature block, which should in most cases be positioned at the very end of a document.

How ‘position’ works

A clause can be assigned an (approximate) preferred position within a document. Five types of preferred positions are possible:

  • at the very beginning of a document
  • towards the beginning
  • somewhere in the middel
  • towards the end
  • at the very end

When a preferred position has been assigned to a clause, a user wanting to insert that clause in his/her document will be able to choose “automatic position” instead of the standard options for inserting clauses.

“Automatic position” will be suggested when inserting a clause with a preferred position.

How to assign a preferred position to a clause

When editing a clause, navigate to  in the navigation menu on the right hand side. You can now select one of the five options listed above for your clause.

Dropdown list to choose a preferred position.

If you want the clause to no longer have a preferred position, pick choose “N/A”.

Hit  to save your changes.

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