Once you have successfully converted all the clauses you are interested in, you can export the clauses, i.e. save them to the database, so you can use them later on.

To do so, you have to go to the  editor, and navigate to a folder where you have permission to create new files.

This editor presents just one option, which determines whether (in addition to exporting all clauses individually) you also want to create a document by stacking together all those exported clauses.

When you click on the  button, ClauseBase will create a new subfolder in the specified location (containing the name of the original MS Word file). This subfolder will itself contain all the subfolders created through the  editor.

If you specified to also create a document, a document file will be included as well. ClauseBase allows you to navigate to this document, or open it right away in document assembly mode.

The export process will not only upload the clauses to the database, but also create new concepts, and even change existing concepts. Exporting should therefore only be done when you are completely ready with the conversion process.

If you did not change existing concepts, and stashed your progress, then you may opt to delete the resulting folder, go back to a recent stash, and perform the export again.

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