Search pane

In the search tab, you can look for a clause based on its title or contents. The results can be filtered based on attributes, the location of the clause or any links the clauses contain.

Your search criteria can be saved for later re-use by clicking this button  next to the “search” button.

The   button can be toggled to show or hide the location of the search results and their attributes.

Adding a clause to your document can be done by one of these plus signs  next to the relevant clause. The purple plus adds the clause to your document with the title visible, the green plus only adds the body text without making the title visible (this can be toggled afterwards as well by clicking the  button in the document toolbar).

Clicking these plus signs will show a drop-down menu that lets you choose where the clause will be inserted. If you have not selected a clause, only the following choices will be visible:

However, having selected a clause in the document on the left side gives you more options:

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