Shortcuts are one of the keys to productivity!

Several buttons in ClauseBase have been assigned shortcuts. If you hover your mover over them and hold still for a second, your browser will show the shortcut in a small “tooltip” window.

General shortcuts

  • Ctrl-b — Go to “browse files” in the main menu
  • Ctrl-m — Go to “assemble document” in the main menu
  • Ctrl-d — Go to “design Q&A” in the main menu
  • Ctrl-u — Go to “use Q&A” in the main menu
  • Ctrl-i — Cycle between the last 5 sections of ClauseBase (e.g., Import Clauses — Browse files — Design Q&A — Preferences — Use Q&A)

Shortcuts when completing a Q&A form

  • Alt-Click (Option-Click on Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-k — Show changes made by completing the most recently answered question.

Shortcuts when editing the title or body of a clause

  • Ctrl-Shift-1 — Go to the first language
  • Ctrl-Shift-2 — Go to the second language
  • Ctrl-Shift-3 — Go to the third language
  • Ctrl-Shift-d — Go to the clause’s filename editor
  • Ctrl-Shift-i — Go to the clause title editor
  • Ctrl-Shift-b — Go to the clause body editor

Browse files

  • Ctrl-s — Save a file that is being edited
  • Ctrl-Shift-PageUp — Go to the previous opened file
  • Ctrl-Shift-PageDown — Go to the next opened file
  • Ctrl-Shift-q – Close the currently opened file

Assemble Document

  • Ctrl-Shift-s — Save the active Document/Binder
  • Ctrl-Shift-q – Close the active Document/Binder
  • Ctrl-s — Save the clause that is currently being edited at the right-side of the screen
  • Ctrl-Shift-PageUp — Go to the previous Document/Binder
  • Ctrl-Shift-PageDown — Go to the next Document/Binder

Design Q&A

  • Ctrl-Shift-s — Save the Q&A session
  • Ctrl-Shift-q – Close the active Q&A session
  • Ctrl-Shift-PageUp — Go to the previous Q&A session
  • Ctrl-Shift-PageDown — Go to the next Q&A session
  • Ctrl-Shift-k — Toggle the visibility of a condition on a card, question or change-set
  • Ctrl-Shift-o — Toggle the visibility of the options of a question
  • Ctrl-Shift-l — Expand/contract a card or change-set
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