Access bundles

For information on access bundles in the admin account for your customer, read further below.

On the access bundles page (access through the personal menu at the top right of the screen), access bundles can be viewed, edited, created and deleted.

On this page, you can view:

  •  the access bundles you created in addition to the access bundle to your own library (the default view) ; and
  • the access bundles that others have created and that you are a part of. 

Switch between both overviews by using the tabs on top of the page:

Creating a new access bundle

An access bundle is automatically created for every group that contains a group library. By default, this access bundle only assigns use rights to the members of that group.

A new access bundle can be created by clicking , available in the top right corner. A new bundle will pop up, looking like this:

Example of a newly created access bundle

Now you can start configuring the new bundle, giving it a name, adding the members and assigning the correct rights. Click save changes when you are done.

Bundle name

You can give this bundle a name, enabling you (and others) to easily retrieve the bundle when giving access rights to it. Click the Click to Edit text to edit the bundle’s name.

Bundle members

By default, all users of the customer you are customer will be listed in the bundle. This does not mean, however, that they have any rights in this bundle as you can leave the rights themselves unchecked or check as much of them as necessary.

You can further choose to add groups that you are a member of to the access bundle. When creating a new bundle, ClauseBase will automatically create space for one group which you can select in the dropdown menu . Additional groups can be added by hitting .

Bundle rights

With respect to both (i) all users of the customer; and (ii) the users of the groups you added to the bundle, you have to define which rights they will have with respect to this access bundle (i.e. with respect to the files this access bundle will be given access to).

Three types of rights are available: 

  • use — enables the users in the access bundle to use a file (e.g. insert a clause in a document, use a concept or its datafield(s) in a clause, etc.)
  • edit — enables the users in the access bundle to edit the contents of a file
  • create — this right is only relevant for folders, as it enables the users in the access bundle to create new folders or files in a folder

Managing existing bundles

Existing bundles can be edited simply by clicking on them. 

Deleting an existing bundle can be done simply by clicking  on the right.

Access bundles in the admin account

The admin account can create access bundles centrally. While a normal user’s account only sees the access bundles created by itself and to its own library under your own access bundles, the admin account can view and manage the access bundles to all group libraries of the customer account.

In addition, under others’ access bundles, the admin account can see all access bundles created by the users of the customer he administers.

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