What is ClauseBase and how does it work?

ClauseBase is an advanced legal document drafting platform designed to improve the contract drafting process. ClauseBase rests on three pillars:

  1. Improving your organisation’s contract drafting knowledge management by centrally storing intelligent clauses and templates in a library. 
  2. Increasing contract drafting efficiency by quickly stacking intelligent clauses on top of each other while ClauseBase takes care of all the clean-up work. 
  3. Outsourcing contract creation via template questionnaires. 

When you start working with ClauseBase, you first need to upload clauses to the platform. You can do this individually per clause, or by importing them from a Microsoft Word document. At that stage, you can choose the desired level of intelligence you wish to add to the clauses. Examples include:

If this is your first time working with ClauseBase, we suggest you head over to the Tutorials where you can find the tutorials specifically tailored to the user profile your organisation has chosen for you.  

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