Datafields in Import mode


ClauseBase allows you to immediately apply (new or existing) datafields during the import process.

Editing available datafields

You can inspect the available datafields through the  editor.

Each Concept that is loaded into the current upload environment, will be shown in the list, together with their #hashcode for the ClauseBase grammar, and all of the datafields.

For Concepts that can be edited by the current user, new datafields can be added through the  button. The other properties of the Concept can be edited though the  button.

Concepts can be un-loaded by clicking on the  button at the right. Note that this does not physically delete an existing Concept from the database — it only removes the Concept from the current upload environment.

It is not possible to remove Concepts that are currently in use by the upload environment — e.g., because a defined term is associated with this Concept, or because some term is associated with a datafield of this Concept. You will get a warning when trying to remove such Concept.

Assigning datafields

You can assign datafields through the  subpane of the editor.

In this subpane, you can simply drag over a text fragment that should be replaced by a specific datafield. Once the mouse is released, a pop-up menu with all available Concepts and their datafields.

The most recently used datafields are listed at the top of this pop-up menu.

Once some text fragment has been replaced with a datafield, that datafield will be shown in green (as is the case with #contract^duration in the screenshot above).

To delete an existing datafield, hold down Shift and click on the green text. The original text will then re-appear.

To add a new datafield, open the concepts editor, scroll through the relevant Concept, and click on the button. (You will, obviously, need to have editing rights for that Concept). Once the new datafield is added there, it will also appear in the pop-up menu of the subpane.

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