Datafield labels

Labels act as alternative names that can be formulated in more understandable language than regular datafield names.

Since datafield names cannot use spaces between words and are generally quite brief, it may be confusing to users to know what is meant by them. Take for example the question if a commercial agent has or does not have an exclusive relationship with their principal. This question could be formulated in the following condition:

#agent^exclusive = true


#commercial-agency^exclusive-relationship-between-principal-and-agent = false

In both cases, it is not out of the question that subsequent users are confused when they see this short or lengthy version. Since labels are not subject to the requirements of brevity and no use of spaces, you are free to phrase the question this condition embodies in a much more understand way, for example: Does the agent have an exclusive relationship with the principal?

This label will be shown in the  tab of the operations panel and will also be shown as the standard question in the Q&A when you insert it via  mode in the  menu.

Labels can also facilitate easier Q&A import. See, in general, the short video below:

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