How to: create questions for repeating list datafields in Q&A

Why repeating lists?

Repeating list datafields are useful for example when the number of desired entries is not known or is very high. For instance, when drafting a shareholders’ agreement with numerous shareholders it would be burdensome to create new datafields to each shareholder. Using repeating lists allows us to add information on multiple shareholders by using only one, repeating datafield. Furthermore, this allows us to create intelligent tables. For more information on the use of repeating list datafields, see this article and this tutorial.

In the Q&A mode

Repeating list datafields do not show up in batch create sheet as the simpler datafields do. This is because repeating list are often combined with various types of repeating list datafields (f. ex. text, currency and true/false repeating list datafields) to create tables. Therefore, the best way to address the repeating lists in the Q&A mode is to create a table question.

To do this, create a new card in the Q&A mode by clicking button in the cards sheet. Having selected the newly created card, create a new question by clicking the new question button. In the drop down menu, select “table”:

You can now add new columns to the newly created question by using the new column button and assign each new column to the desired datafield in your list by using the drop down menu in the newly created column. Under caption you can set the text you want to be shown to the user of the Q&A. Finally, you can delete a row by clicking the trash can icon on the right.

If you now go to the simulate mode, you will be able to test adding new entries by using the new entry button!

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