Custom styling

A file (such as a document or a clause) can have custom styling attached to it. This means that the file will deviate from the default styling settings configured by the customer (the user’s organisation), the user’s group(s) or the user’s own styling settings.

Because a file’s custom styling always deviates from the default styles, custom styling should only be added when absolutely necessary.

Both documents and clauses can have custom styling. If both the document where the clause is inserted and the clause itself have custom styling, the clause’s custom styling will take precedence in case of any conflicting style settings.

How to add or edit custom styling

The custom styling settings of a file are accessed by opening the file by:

  • double clicking it or clicking the edit button in the Browse Files mode;
  • double clicking a clause in Assemble Document;
  • editing the properties of a document when it is opened in Assemble Document or by accessing its properties when it is part of a binder (under the tab binder > advanced > properties)
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