Structuring your clause library

There are three levels to ClauseBase clause libraries:

  • an organisation-wide library that is accessible to every user of the customer’s company / law firm, even if some users may not have editing rights;
  • group-based library for, for example, different departments or cross-departmental practice groups that can only be seen and accessed by members of the group; and
  • private library that is only accessible to an individual user. 

Deciding how to structure your clause libraries and where to put your clauses is a strategy that will have to be decided at administrator-level. The following is a list of important questions that need to be asked at the outset in that regard:

  • Is it your intention to make certain clauses available and usable across the entire organisation? Or will you be creating separate silos for different departments? (See also the discussion on the viability of such wide sharing). 
  • Who will have the responsibility to vet clauses that enter the organisation-wide library or group-wide library? 
  • Who will be given which access rights? Can everyone access and edit? Or are editing rights limited to a group of more experienced users? 

It is important to assign the proper roles to the right people so that the entire organisation is aligned on how to use ClauseBase. 

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