How to: use a shortcut to refer to a concept

Let’s say that your concept’s file name is very long, e.g. non-sollicitation-senior-management-key-employees. It then becomes rather burdensome to refer to it in the ClauseBase grammar by using the full file name every time.

You can make your life easier by typing a shortcut or abbreviation of your choice in the clause editor, e.g. #non-sollicitation-smke.  ClauseBase will initially not recognise the concept as there is no file name corresponding to it and will therefore display the concept in red below the text field.

Using the  button however, you can ‘teach’ ClauseBase that this abbreviation refers to a concept of your choosing. Browse to your concept and click select concept. From now on, when typing #non-sollicitation-smke ClauseBase will automatically make the link between your abbreviation and the original concept.

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