References styling

Wording for cross-references

  • word to use for a ‘clause’ — Allows you to choose which word ClauseBase uses to refer to other clauses in cross-references.
  • referring to another document in a binder — Allows you to configure how ClauseBase refers to another subdocument in a binder. 
  • print clause title (between parentheses) — Allows you to choose whether the clause title of the clause you are referring to should be shown (in parentheses) in a cross-reference.


The ClauseBase grammar allows you to create a placeholder in your text, the formatting of which can be tailored as well. This is done by typing @placeholder("content"), replacing content by the actual text you want the placeholder to contain.

  • placeholder content — Here you can choose whether the placeholder should just show the text of the content or whether the content should be shown between square brackets, with a ‘blob’, etc.
  • background color — Allows you to choose the background color of the placeholder.
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