Changes pane

This article provides an overview of the changes pane. For more information on creating changes or the types of changes, please consult the specific articles on those topics.


The pane selector which allows you to change the pane to another mode.
Add an extra set of changes.
Add an extra change to the selected set.
Copy or cut the selected changes (set), or paste the copied/cut changes (set) to the selected location.
Move the selected changes (set) up or down.
Show/hide the conditions frame
of the selected changes (set).
Delete the selected changes (set).

Changes sets


You can change the title of the set by clicking the title and typing your own title.

Collapsing the changes set

Clicking the  button will collapse the change-set, i.e. render its contents temporarily invisible (even though it is still there). The full contents can be made visible again by clicking the  button.

Collapsing a change set can be used to make editing the changes sets more manageable, by collapsing the sets you currently do not want to edit, to save on screen real estate.

If you hold down Alt while pressing this button, you will collapse/expand all changes. In other words, holding down Alt and clicking on a single change set’s button has the same effect has clicking on every button of every change set individually.
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