How to: create advanced folders

Aside from traditional folders, advanced users also have access to special, advanced folders that serve to house files that are only relevant to them. 

If you hover over the  for a second, you will see the options available:

  • Shift+clicking will generate a purple folder designed to house concepts
  • Alt+clicking (Option-clicking on Mac) will generate a green folder designed to house snippets, i.e. fragments of a clause. 
  • Ctrl+clicking will generate a red folder designed to house definitions

Except for definition folders, these advanced folders will be hidden from normal users who do not create concepts and snippets and do not need to be aware of them so that they can focus on optimally searching and using clauses. Furthermore, these folders allow you to structure your files better by differentiating between different kinds of files. 

You can also manually assign a folder type to an existing folder by selecting it, clicking the  icon, navigating to the Folder subsection and choosing the correct type from the dropdown menu under “folder type”. 

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