How to: make a paragraph within a clause conditional

To show or hide a paragraph or bullet, based on the (non-)fulfillment of a condition, follow these steps:

  1. type the paragraph number or bullet asterisk
  2. write the condition elements based on which the text will appear or disappear
  3. write the text of the paragraph/bullet

In practice, that could look something like this:

1. This paragraph is not conditional.
2. {#employee^name = "John": This paragraph is only shown if the employee's name is John.}
* {#employee^function = "CEO": This bullet is only shown if the employee is the CEO}

Make sure not to put the number or asterisk preceding the text of the paragraph or bullet, respectively, inside the condition, as ClauseBase will be unable to recognize that these symbols mean the start of a paragraph or bullet and will instead think they are merely ordinary text. 

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