Cards pane

An overview of the cards pane in the Design Q&A mode.

Batch create pane

Overview of the batch create pane of the Design Q&A mode.

Changes pane

Overview of the buttons in the changes-toolbar.

Document pane

Discusses the document pane, where you can see the document which serves as the basis of the questionnaire you are making.

Import pane

An overview of the import pane of the Design Q&A mode.

Edit clauses pane

Discusses the "edit clauses" pane, which serves for editing clauses directly from within the Q&A editor.

Q&A options

ClauseBase allows you to set many global options to customize the behaviour and look-and-feel of a Q&A. These options can be accessed through the button in the toolbar. Language options These options — only available in multilingual versions of ClauseBase — allow you to specify how C...