Introduction to datafields

An introduction to the concept of datafields and how to write & create them.

Types of datafields

DatafieldDetailsText datafields allow you to fill out general text, such as a party's name and address, the applicable law, etc.When creating conditions, text datafields are useful to differentiate between two or more separate and distinct options. For example: say you want to align applicable law ...

Datafield options

This article explains the different properties/options that can be added to datafields, such as a label, description, aliases and predefines.

Rules of thumb for using datafields

Some rules of thumb for effectively using datafields.

Writing conditions

This article explains how conditions should be written and how ClauseBase evaluates them.

Special codes

This article provides a summary of codes that can be added to a clause for specific types of formatting, signature lines or to force input into a datafield that is used in a condition.


Introduction to data-expressions which can be used to avoid having to recreate a calculation across different clauses.